I ate foam for lunch….or a cautionary lunch tale…

Today, I thought, I really want tacos, but I drove to a local farmer’s market type grocery store and bought a wrap. Now mind you, I was going to eat “healthy” instead of tacos….eh, I bought a roast beef wrap – it had sprouts! After I left the grocery store and headed back to my office, I opened the plastic packaging and took half of the wrap out to eat while I drove.  I took a bite and thought, “Hmm, this flour tortilla wrap tastes different.”  But it was from the healthy grocery store, I figured it was gluten free or something…so I take another bite…..still mulling over what that taste could be…maybe it was the spicy sprouts….I came to a stop light and looked down at this odd tasting wrap and saw…..foam….some sort of white foam “wrapper” that I believe came with the sprouts…or the roast beef…ugh..my stomach turned…I called the grocery store, spoke with the manager who assured me she would check the rest of the wraps currently for sale….and that a refund would be forthcoming.  What have a learned?

What did you learn?  Please comment freely.

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5 Responses to I ate foam for lunch….or a cautionary lunch tale…

  1. Ceri says:

    Oh my friend, How sorry am I for you! FOAM! YECH! I hope it had fiber in it!

  2. Foaming at the mouth? [insert rim shot here]

  3. Donna says:

    What have I learned?…NOTHING. I want to know what THAT FOAM WAS THAT YOU ATE!!!???
    By the way, I love your blog!!

  4. jody says:

    The same foam you’re always telling me not to microwave? How did it taste? Just because you buy something at a health food place does not mean that it’s healthy! And roast beef is not healthy. probably went well with the foam. next time, ask for extra mustard.

  5. Chrs says:

    I always look at what what I eat. That why I like seeing cows when drivin on the highway.

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