What is up with this?

I am not really sure why anyone would buy this…well, I get the water cooler, maybe for the garage in the summertime – but why, WHY, why would you have a Hello Kitty toaster??  I am not sure what kitchen decor this would go with and I am definitely sure that people would NEVER let their child use it in their rooms….this is a strange strange place we call America….what kid in America says, “Santa, I would really LOVE a Hello Kitty toaster for Christmas!”.
Why would you have this in your kitchen??

Why would you have this in your kitchen??

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2 Responses to What is up with this?

  1. Andy says:

    This is because this doesn’t originate in American but in Japan a far stranger place. This would explain it all if you ask me.

  2. Donna says:

    Amy: That is too funny! I must agree with you…who would want a hello kitty toaster?…but then again it wouldn’t surprise me if the under 35 year old mother might see this as something special…many times, I think their hormones just all together work differently than mine! D~

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