Topics – video schmideo

More life is getting in the way of my creativity and directing and producing career. [Stinking Economy]

But soon…the video will emerge….let’s just say it’s being help up in the the time/financial department.

On a lighter note – I am going to Austin this weekend to see Peter Max….famous artist…I hope to relax and be creative – ooh I wonder if I might be allowed to videotape this…..I will check.

When I was in second grade – Wilson Rawles of “Where the Red Fern Grows” came to my school to speak to us…he was about 1000 years old at that time, but I bought a book and got his autograph…it is safely tucked away so that I cannot find it…then, in college, I got to meet David Byrne [Talking Heads] and watch him film part of his movie “True Stories” for an entire day AND got his autograph…[again, tucked away someplace for the archeologists of the future to find]…and now Peter Max…

Hopefully I can document my trip to Austin soon…in the meantime – this old economy has me working only mornings…Grace started piano lessons 2 weeks ago – maybe I will have her compose my soundtrack….(video, not personal….I’m not that far gone yet).

Peace 😀

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