King Tut

“Now when he was a young man..he never thought he’d see…..people lining up, to see the boy king…”

Okay – well, we did stand in line – and we saw the boy king…I was surprised to see all of the blue stuff….almost as much blue stuff and gold stuff….I got the abridged version because I was trying to follow Grace around who could pop up under people and read the low plaques….the other people with the zombie state inducing , telephone like speakers went much more slowly…they all saw and heard the same exhibit, Grace and I saw the Wicky-Wacky King Tut Tour 😀

The other part of the adventure, was riding the DART Rail to downtown, being Sunday it was not very crowded, but we were approached near the downtown stations on the train by a young man begging for change…and were approached by another woman who was begging for money on the way to the museum…but we did not let it dissuade us from our purpose…

Plus I learned a new word …which upon last count, I have 74 times left to say it in the weird way I like to say it, that word is “Cartouche”….which I pronounce “Kartooooosh!”

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