Salads and Anarchy

This looks like a promising lunch spot in Blue Ridge, Texas, a small strip of land with a lot of uassumingly interesting sights.  I call it Salads and Anarchy.

Salads and Anarchy

They didn't have an official sign, but I think my name is catchy!

I spent Sunday afternoon on a photo safari with 4 women from my church.  Our fearless leader, Jody, found our destination by using Google Maps’ “Google Guy” who can show you the street view of certain mapped areas on Google Maps.

Anyway, we learned a bit about the history of the people of Blue Ridge through the headstones at the cemetery.  We found that Truelove had died, as well as Justice. I am sure all of those out there with political opinions will find that humerous!

Truelove is dead

Alas.....Truelove has died.

Justice is dead

Justice is dead

The cemetery had some beautiful trees as well. These two pictures are my favorite.

Pretty Cemetery Tree

Pretty Cemetery Tree

Scary Cemetery Tree

Scary Cemetery Tree

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One Response to Salads and Anarchy

  1. Mitchell says:

    Nice photos Amy. There is a site where I go to view old photos from 1900 on up. Watch it though, there are nearly 700 pages of the stuff….


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