How ARE You?

So many people have asked me this in the past few days, only, I suspect, to regret it instantly as I tell them.

“I have this pain that shoots down my arm from a pinched nerve in my neck and it really hurts…ow.”  If they don’t walk away, they end up suffering through the whole story with a follow up question from me, “Don’t you read my blog?”

These poor people…invited to the wreck that is my life and then trapped in their civility…trying desperately to think of a way to get OUT of this conversation.

Leads me to wonder how many people actually want to know how you are when they ask.  Just so everyone knows? I have been pondering this question for sometime and welcome a real answer from anyone when I ask 😀

Monday…what did you do with Friday??????

I go back to the chiropractor tomorrow – stay tuned for an update….or quick! Walk away….


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