Thanksgiving Flood

There was a flood this Thanksgiving…it started as a hint of a leak last year about November 26th.  An insidious demon…silent and small at first, but building in size and volume every day growing and becoming a menace to all those around it.

Each drop sends ripples through the pool, the ripples build until they lap against the edge of the pool…building tension and eroding the perimeter a little bit each day until the capacity of the space buckles under the pressure and destructive power of the flood.

The flood, for many, erupts sometime of November 25th.  For some it starts early…5 am early.  A flood of panic at the thought that the 20 lb bird won’t be finished cooking until sometime tomorrow, the inside is still frozen. Still for others it comes when the doorbell rings, when {insert annoying, berating, obnoxious, LOUD relative here} arrives.  How will you get through this day?

A blogger I follow summed up this so well, I will just link to his post.  Take the time to read it, it is fabulously worded and sums up many of my familial gatherings.

Everyday Is Awesome – The Involuntary Advice Dispensary

Floods of memories that can bring tears to your eyes, tears of joy at memories of good times past, tears of sorrow for those who have passed and then there are the tears of pain, recriminations of the past, put out there mentally by one’s self or placed there by another, designed to eat away at the soul.

A flood of new vocabulary words your young ones learn as they watch the football fanatics of the family yell at the players on the big screen TV.  A flood of intolerant judgments of players’ and people’s lifestyles based on tabloid reports, sports promoter and paparazzi.  Ah…current events and politics….not a favorite of mine.

This blog post comes a little late…I took time to think, review and add to it after Thanksgiving and it and had added another nice, long description of a flood (actual) that I friend of mine experienced in her house a week before this past Thanksgiving.  It was well written and pithy…trust me….but my browser timed out before I had saved it and I lost it, mere minutes after it was penned…I guess my own personal flood of angry emotions to experience….and a pride filled, humility laced reminder…SAVE YOUR WORK.

Here is a photo of her craft room post item removal, NOT post water removal….but that is another post.

SO much water...SO little time....

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  1. Paul Overton says:


    Thanks for the nice words and the link love!


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