a plan

It’s really funny, a friend of mine who is helping me decorate my guest bathroom asked me if I had a plan for my house…yes, I do, did, have a plan for my house – for each room – and then I got married and had kids. Actually, I had kids when I moved in…but those plans…it’s is hard to have plans when no one else goes along with the plan…at that point, it is quite certainly NOT a plan, it is a suggestion, one that is usually ignored or mocked.

So I do not have plans, this is why my bathroom is three colors…I couldn’t decide…I didn’t care. I am trying to care…but I cannot even buy towels specifically to match the guest bathroom, they wouldn’t last…it is easier when the house is empty of plan mockers….at least I can enjoy my plan for a bit… But then they come home, they drop clothes everywhere, they act like the floor is a trashcan and there are fairies who do dishes, clean bathrooms and vacuum…

Plans….I planted flowers in the front yard…one day, someone (no one will fess up) removed the flowers from one side of the landscape. Why should I bother?  It is not like I am a control freak or anything, all snickering will cease IMMEDIATELY!

~ I feel as if I am channeling Eeyore ~

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