Not cut out to be a goatherd..yodleyhe’ll no

Ok…I knew I was in trouble when Kelly walked on and the first words out of her mouth were “I’m sorry”.

I know now why my mother would roll her eyes everytime a stray dog would “follow” me home. She would always let me take care of the animal…but it never came in the house.

Smart move 🙂

So Stanley “Pappy”  Tuggey….a goat less than a day old came to our house last night…rejected by the mama goat..and needing lots more care than I guess we could provide.  He lacked the ability to suckle and from the vast research I have conducted over the last 24 hours…the required amount of collustrum to sustain his life.  So I spent the day nursing and caring for this dying animal.  Not something I would choose to do, never the less, I was it for this little baby goat.

And now no one wants to decorate the Charlie Brown Christmas tree we have, because, well, Stanley is awaiting burial in the garage, wrapped carefully in a towel and placed lovingly in one of Andy’s shoeboxes… and that is where all the Christmas decorations are…

Ah well, maybe tomorrow.


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1 Response to Not cut out to be a goatherd..yodleyhe’ll no

  1. Mitchell says:

    Amy, I am so sorry the little feller didn’t make it.

    You did a good thing there…. compassion for one of our heavenly Father’s creation…….


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