AM Radio

No, I am not referring to the channel, I am talking about morning radio…rock and roll on 92.5 or 70’s hits played on 88.5….the stuff I listened to when I was in junior high and high school in the mornings while getting ready for school on my nifty and static-y clock radio.  Neil Diamond (Hello again…hello), Peaches and Herb (Reunited…and it feel so good!) and then on into my real rock and roll education, The Rolling Stones, and later in high school, between the punk and new wave of the Thomspon Twins, Howard Jones and of course the greatest Talking Heads with David Byrne….

What brought on this bit of musical memory lane?  In the mornings, when I drive Grace to school, we listen to “popular” music, but after I drop her off, I am back to MY stations, and it is a nice morning when, although they are now considered “classic” (which to me used to mean old, I’ve had a paradigm shift in my perspective on the word “classic” in the last few years)…as I was saying, it is a nice morning when I can rock out on the way home to an old favorite like Def Leopard’s Rock of Ages…ah the simple days of youth…

Ok, back to life, back to reality… 😉

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