Mindful or Mine-field (filled???)

I just read a post by Paul Overton about the links between our thought processes and being mindful.  I love the way this guy expresses himself though the written word…and was feeling a little less than self actualized when I first started to read his latest post The Weakest Link.  Paul has a way of writing out how my thought processes go like we have been friends for years (although we have never met) and let me tell you my thought processes are a bit wonky at times.

I used to be a “reactor” kind of in a nuclear way, I would jump right into my reactions, emotionally, verbally and usually loudly and although I will always remain loud, I have learned to take in the entire story, or situation and not let them rule my reactions.  This is not to say that I am never surprised by life, it continues to surprise me daily, I just don’t go off like a pressure sensitive land mine every time a problem crops up.

It is interesting, I’d like to think I had gained this ability to be “mindful” through practice, but I believe it would be more honest to say that I fell into a pit of mindlessness first and then crawled out of the chasm of “less” to the other side, a bit more emotionally distant, but for me, that was good.  I filled the gap with reason and thoughtfulness and humility and that has been a good thing…and the ONLY reason I could do that, was through the Grace of God…this was nothing I achieved on my own.

A quote from Paul’s blog:

“If I’m unable to catch myself though, then I’ve bought a ticket on the merry-go-round of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, which is how most people, including myself, have spent their time. Previously, I used to just refer to that as “life”, not knowing that there was a way out of it.”

I spend time still on the merry-go-round, but it getting to be less and less.

Have a wonderful and mindful day 😀

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1 Response to Mindful or Mine-field (filled???)

  1. Paul Overton says:

    Dear Amy – So nice! Thanks for the wonderful post. I’m honored that you mentioned me!

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