Animal Farm – (Free to loving home!)

I am tired of the fur, the pee, the poop, the 3 am wake up calls from meowling cats or growling dogs. I didn’t sign up for all of this animal population, I was quite happy with one cat and one dog…could even tolerate the needy fat cat with a skin condition. I am considering finding new homes for the cats, although Max is old and set in his ways, so I couldn’t really see letting him adjust to new surroundings at this point in his life. Eddie just needs love and a good brushing daily…so I think he would fair nicely in a home where he was the only animal.

Sophie, again, too old to start over, I owe her that much.

Lady, gotta keep her, she’s too sweet and makes me smile daily.

Lucy, makes Christina smile.

Fiona, eh, I am thinking Fiona could go….then she looks at you and shivers from nervousness…pitiful.

I guess I am stuck with them. GAH!

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