Summer 2011

This is DEFINITELY the summer of love!  Yet it is also a summer of challenges.

Grace riding Pup at the Rodeo

We have already completed our first summer camp and we’re are only 11 days into it.  Horse camp, check.  And what a wild ride that was! With Grandpa Jim recovering from cancer treatment in the form of radiation and chemo (he had tongue cancer and is expected to recover nicely) and the live in nurses on rotation, I hardly had time to sit down, my work suffered, but I am rebounding as you can see, I am posting, which I have not done in a while.

I thought about ending this blog and starting another.  It seemed to me for a while that a chapter in my life had ended, but I was wrong. I am just one long run-on sentence…you will have to deal with it 😀

Kelly reliving a photo moment with a horse of her hair color!

Kelly came to the rodeo, Nonnie and Grandpa Jim could not take the heat. Silly, I thought I could out beat the heat by scheduling the first camp of summer…who knew La Nina would hit so soon this year!

So challenges….I will be listing those that are not obvious in the next few days.  I know what they are, but I need to wrap my head around how I am planning to face them before I can document them here.

Stay tuned, I will need encouragement and accountability!!!

Love to all!


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  1. Keep this blog. I like it.

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