Let’s Just Dip Our Toes In

Phew! Kinda waded into the deep end of the pool yesterday with all that “self awareness” stuff. Today I will keep it light.

I might be self aware, but i am So not “cell phone aware” I washed my cell phone with my clothes last week and since I have gotten my replacement phone I have misplaced it at least three times! I wonder if there is something Freudian about that? ;D

Today is Thursday, busy day, and without my cell phone for an alarm clock, a fitful night of sleep as my subconscious is afraid I will oversleep and so on. I fell asleep on the couch watching TV with Grace, (hey, it is summer) but woke around 3:30 because my foot was asleep and the aforementioned lack of alarm clock fit filled sleep.

As I tiptoed into the other room to stretch out in bed, Grace started speaking in her sleep, which she often does, incoherently. I giggled and then turned to leave the room, at which point, this child whistled in her sleep. She was calling a dog! I’ve heard lots of things in my day, I had a roommate in college who would talk, walk, put her glasses on, turn the light on and all in her sleep, but I have never heard anyone whistle in their sleep! Classic!

Enjoy your Thursday, for tomorrow is Friday and Green Lantern opens….I have been avoiding the extended trailers that practically show all the good parts of the movie…I want to be surprised!

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