Recreation Center

Well, check one off the list. I signed the family up for the Rec Center yesterday. Tomorrow I begin serious workouts. Today I am designing my schedule. And yes, I have to design a schedule for those of you who think I am procrastinating. If I don’t invariably I will upset someone’s apple cart around here, which oddly enough, I can do simply by existing.

Also, I am going to begin square foot gardening, in a raised bed since the dogs are everywhere.  This was introduced to me the other weekend by Doug Hoffschwelle’s sweet wife, Brianna and COMPLETELY solves my problem with the dogs being in the backyard!  I am starting with tomatoes, arugula and purslane, which is oddly enough, edible and very nutritious:

Purslane just happens to contain alpha-linolenic acid, one of the highly sought-after Omega-3 fatty acids. Why pay money for fish oil when you can grow your own Omega-3 fatty acids as part of your edible landscaping? Especially when it takes little effort to grow purslane, since it does grow like a weed.

I might throw some thyme and basil is, since they are yummy too!  And yes, I AM the one who orders wheat grass shots at Jamba Juice 🙂 It is good and good for you!

Anyway, I am going to keep you posted with photos of my progress on my garden.  No photos on exercise progress, I am not motivated by that AT ALL.

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