I keep forgetting

I keep forgetting that I am not a dictator…

I keep forgetting that I am subject to the whims and schedules of others…family members mostly, but then again there are clients…

I keep forgetting that I am not as “assertive” as I think I am in my mind…

I keep forgetting.…to get up and go to the gym!!!

Massive rationalization:  I am doing quite a bit of physical work around the house in preparation for an event on Tuesday.


Followup:  Okay – Tuesday went GREAT! Got to meet Jim, Christina’s boyfriend and we all had a nice time laughing and talking over dinner 🙂  It is nice to see Christina so happy!  So, forward motion, walked around a clean house for a couple of days and then decided to dive head first into finishing Grace’s room…school starts in about 3 weeks, and she needs her room back.

I bought an little device off of woot.com called a Rokum – it’s a box that allows us to watch Netflix on her tv in her room.  It uses our wireless connection and had a great many free channels, including classic cartoons and MY FAV classic movies!  For a one time $40.00 cost, it will pay for itself in about a month!

I do have a nagging sense of empty nest going on..but Kelly is helping by taking a loooong time in moving everything out of her room.  We still have the singing deer head in a Santa hat hanging on the wall.

Later 😉

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