Hold the door!!!

I have always been a watcher…more than a doer or a talker….and I have observed people who do things like holding a door open, or not.

There are grown men who will begrudgingly hold a door open for a woman – no smile and no acknowledgment when thanked by the woman…they don’t even make eye contact. These men concern me.  Why even open the door in the first place? The man who completely ignores a person (man, woman or child) and does not hold the door….this person worries me as well.  I know we all have our self absorbed moments, but to walk through your life with no concern for your fellowman, ever, what a sad existence.

Now before all of you men out there start to beat your chests about the snotty women who expect the door to be held and then never thank you, here is your acknowlegement: i realize that there are ungrateful people out there EVERYWHERE!

There are young boys who not only open the door for their mothers, but any woman who resembles the mother type…they are being actively trained by mom – if they say “you’re welcome” when thanked, then I don’t worry so much about their future girlfriends/wives!

The golden rule…the “do unto others thing” ...What happened to that?

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