Soul Sucking Summer

This has been a doozy of a summer.  Just when I was at a breaking point, mentally, physically and spiritually from the immense and unrelenting heat of this summer, a reprieve! I wonder more and more every summer…”why do you still live in Texas when it is so unbearably hot in the summer?”  I have lived in north Texas my ENTIRE life…and I tend to be a creature of habit, but I seriously think you may not find me here next summer.

It’s funny too, I tend to approach each summer with goggles of denial firmly attached to my head: “Certainly I will get project A, B, C , etc. done this summer..”and invariably I end up subject to the whims of my family members (kids) whose summers are far more flexible and dependent upon my interaction than I have time for (did I just say I don’t have time for my kids???  I will come back to that later ;P)

I have just come from outside and I literally feel like I weigh less because it is cooler outside today.  Why is that? It must have been the air pressure that was associated with the heat.

And now fires are raging across Texas…people are losing not only homes and cars, but entire neighborhoods…

Everybody say a prayer that this soon will pass.


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