I’m Sorry

Have you found yourself apologizing today? I have, for large goofs and minor gaffs…feeling extremely repentant and guilty over both..here are my questions:

On average:

  1. How often do you “over hear” someone apologizing in a day?
  2. Do they sound sincere or are they just going through the motions?
  3. Do you find yourself apologizing to people a lot?
  4. If so, in your opinion, does that make you
    •  a kind, empathetic person?
    • or someone who is so inconsiderate as to NEED to apologize multiple times a day?

I found myself needing to apologize for an honest, but clear mistake the other day.  It wasn’t anything done on purpose, so I didn’t feel horrible; I was honestly sorry and have made every attempt at reparation and feel like that is enough.  I’ve learned, albiet late in life, not to sweat the small stuff.  I am sure the journey I have been on these last 45 years has helped me to see that, but so has a TON of soul searching and agonizing over small things for years.

I know people who run and rerun scenarios in their heads and make themselves crazy with “what-if” thoughts. I used to do that. I have found that I can’t do that and remain a somewhat functioning member of my family or society (hold your laughter until the end of this, please).  That is not to say that I don’t care about the possible outcomes of situations had I acted differently, I do, and I will give any situation where I think that my acting differently would some how have made a bad situation better and mentally note it for the future. But to continuously berate myself does NO ONE any good, especially me, so what’s the point?

Apologize, mean it and move on.

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