Wow. Twenty-twelve.

When I was a kid I used to wonder how we’d refer to the year after it flipped over to 2000.  Now, were are a year out from where they were when “The Postman” with Kevin Costner pretends to be a mailman in a post-apocalyptic America…flying cars are just around the corner, I can feel it!!!

Grace and I are finding it hysterical that there are so many mentions of “post-apocalyptic-ness” on TV but only because when she tries to pronounce “post-apocalyptic” it comes out “post-apopcalyktic”. Say that three times fast…

Well, hopefully this year will bring with it a newness of spirit and growth to our family, eh…scratch that – we ARE talking about the Tuggeys here – THERE WILL BE BLOOD…..a ZOMBIE attack or two…and probably FIRE in a quaint, but effective “post-apocalyptic burning trash in a oil drum-esq-ness” in the coming year….wud up 2012?

For a full list of post-apocalyptic movies click here.

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