Here Lately….

I haven’t posted in a while. Not only have I been busy with all the February birthdays and trying to reclaim my house and get rid of all the extra STUFF, but there have been so many life crises going on all around me since before Christmas and if you are reading this you know who you are….death, illness, MAJOR life changes whether brought on purposely or thrust upon you…this has made me feel like a blade of grass in the middle of a tornado.  I would like to say that things are settling down, but I don’t want to be naive.

I want to be the person who knows the right thing to say to people going through crisis, truth is, nothing you say is going to be right.  All you can do is support the person, let them talk, tel them grieve, let them just be themselves. The trouble is, we think supporting is fixing,  we all want to “make it better” and I think sometimes that makes us feel better more than the person who is in pain.   I KNOW I don’t have all the answers, thank GOD, I AM NOT GOD!

I am aware that this might seem a trite post for such a heavy topic, but I would not like to dwell 🙂

So, I will leave you with this for today.  I was in the drive through at the bank this morning and the nice teller let me know that if I banked online, I could give my accounts nicknames (which I already knew, but hadn’t done yet) and while I waited for her to deposit my paycheck, I thought of a Steve Martin skit I used to listen to when I was in middle school on a cassette tape player, yeah it’s been a while.  Anyway, this skit included Steve pondering the idea of teaching small children the wrong words for things for your own amusement.

From Steve Martin’s album “A Wild and Crazy Guy.” This joke is off the 2nd track, Philosophy / Religion / College / Language. The premise of the joke is “raising your children to talk wrong.” When the child enters first grade and asks to go to the bathroom, he says “May I mambo dogface to the banana patch?”

So I thought of all the funny nicknames you could give a bank account…I will let your mind wander…

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