Crowd Control & Preteen Mania

YIKES!  I thought it was bad when Christina and Kelly were in grade school and we had to squeeze into the ancient school admin building to view their art if it made it to the FISD art show once a year.  When I heard they were holding it at the CATE Center, I thought, “It will be better” – was I wrong.

I sat in traffic that would rival a rock concert with Grace and her 2 preteen girl friends all singing at the TOP of their lungs Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”, Jenna rather happily singing along the loudest and Grace proclaiming, “Jenna!!! Jenna!!  This is a SAD song!!!!”  This set me into a fit of giggles as Grace continued to try to out sing Jenna but in a more solemn key. And Jenna? Kept right on with her jolly self….

I am not sure I am ready for round three of preteens girls…but I digress 🙂

I sat and tried to reconcile the amount of parents, children in tow, cell phones stuck to their heads, marching diligently into the CATE Center to view their children’s art. Mind you…..this is JUST the elementary school level, I haven’t even touched on the middle school population en masse or high school….this town is exploding!  Okay, it has been exploding, I just haven’t posted about it before. 😀

Happy Friday

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