Goodbye Summer, Hello School :D

I seem to have been trampled by summer….was my last post really the first week of summer???

Many of you, okay, maybe one or two, may wonder what I have been up to.  I ask myself this often: “Amy, what have you been doing with your time?”  And I will admit, that I have not been using my time to it best potential, but I have been busy.

The first part of this summer I spent catching up on all of the medical appointments I hadn’t gotten to over the last year due to Andy’s changing jobs and consequently, insurance policies.  I felt like the scarecrow from Oz being re stuffed with fresh hay in the Emerald City.  New crown (for my tooth, not my head), a general physical, which lead to specific physical (nuff said), a visit to a new eye doctor, and if it doesn’t stop hurting, I will be escorting my elbow to the orthopedic surgeon. Phew! I had planned at some point to get to the foot doctor as I need to schedule surgery for the bone spur on my big toe…haven’t gotten there yet, will wait for cooler weather.

The first day of school was yesterday, Grace handled it with ease although she did come home saying, “I like school, but I don’t like school”…it could be worse I am sure!  It is so odd going through this after having gone through it with Christina and Kelly. I knew nothing except my own geeky middle school experience and was pretty much a deer in the headlights when Christina went all athletic and cheer on me 😀  It all worked out though, we survived and learned a lot and Grace has two big sisters with lots of good advice.

Ok, I am off to make breakfast burritos and freeze them, thank you, Pinterest!

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