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Update – or no-update on George

I have heard nothing further of George. I can only assume he ended up in Fort Worth at a treatment facility and pray that he is doing well. I inquired about him at OurCalling and got no reply. It is … Continue reading

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Meet George, Part Two

As we drove along, George spoke occasionally, wondering out loud about his situation….his life…his future…his circumstances… It was awkward for me…as most of us sat there and did not respond…it bothered me so much that I chose to respond in … Continue reading

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Meet George..part one

George appeared on the scene, carrying a rather large bottle of beer in a paper bag, limping with a swollen eye and a smile.  Willy greeted him, taking the bottle, “Let’s put this over here. The church people are here … Continue reading

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Why I Cry

I cry for my friend for what she is feeling and for what is to come I cry for my own loss and my weakness I cry to let go and I cry to hold on I cry to bear … Continue reading

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Goodbye Summer, Hello School :D

I seem to have been trampled by summer….was my last post really the first week of summer??? Many of you, okay, maybe one or two, may wonder what I have been up to.  I ask myself this often: “Amy, what … Continue reading

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First week summer-ization

Ok, here we are, Friday…end of the first week of summer.  Here is what I have accomplished: Joined the Rec Center and started working out again (Yay me!) Accomplished some tricky DB work for a client with help from DH. … Continue reading

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Hello SUMMER!!!

It is the first week of summer, do I have a plan? Well, no.  I have ideas, I have things I need/want to get done, I have work that has to be done and currently I have a kitten who … Continue reading

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Hungry hungry hippo

I saw a post on Pinterest that called the childhood game, Hungry Hungry Hippo the original Hunger Games.  I thought that was funny.  I also heard a story about a woman who is competing the the next Olympics in archery … Continue reading

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Crowd Control & Preteen Mania

YIKES!  I thought it was bad when Christina and Kelly were in grade school and we had to squeeze into the ancient school admin building to view their art if it made it to the FISD art show once a … Continue reading

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Here Lately….

I haven’t posted in a while. Not only have I been busy with all the February birthdays and trying to reclaim my house and get rid of all the extra STUFF, but there have been so many life crises going on … Continue reading

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