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First week summer-ization

Ok, here we are, Friday…end of the first week of summer.  Here is what I have accomplished: Joined the Rec Center and started working out again (Yay me!) Accomplished some tricky DB work for a client with help from DH. … Continue reading

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Hello SUMMER!!!

It is the first week of summer, do I have a plan? Well, no.  I have ideas, I have things I need/want to get done, I have work that has to be done and currently I have a kitten who … Continue reading

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Soul Sucking Summer

This has been a doozy of a summer.  Just when I was at a breaking point, mentally, physically and spiritually from the immense and unrelenting heat of this summer, a reprieve! I wonder more and more every summer…”why do you … Continue reading

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Update: FLEAS

We took Fiona to the vet yesterday, she was miserable looking, she had scratched herself raw around her eyes, and under her arms and around her neck. Diagnosis? Allergies, to fleas, food and pollen. After a cortisone shot she was … Continue reading

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Recreation Center

Well, check one off the list. I signed the family up for the Rec Center yesterday. Tomorrow I begin serious workouts. Today I am designing my schedule. And yes, I have to design a schedule for those of you who … Continue reading

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