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Homelessness Across North Texas

My friends, Jody, Lin, Elizabeth and I along with many more volunteer collectors are determined to collect 5723 coats and blankets by THANKSGIVING.  Why the odd number? That is one for every homeless person in Dallas.  There is a link … Continue reading

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Winter Mix

Well, day 3 of ice, no temps above 32, so no melting….and no school.  I, however, can work, unless the rolling blackouts come and then it is catch as catch can. What have I learned from this? What is my … Continue reading

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Snakes…why’d it have to be snakes…..

My first favorite movie, I assume it was because it was my first movie star crush. Harrison Ford, being all cute and swashbuckling and sardonic (when he shot the guy with the giant sword)….the appeal was great. The snake I … Continue reading

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All Mine to Give

I am sitting here on this snowy Christmas Eve day, watching an old movie (imagine that!) called “All Mine to Give”.  A Scottish couple emigrate to Eureka, Wisconsin in 1850 and have 6 kids and then the parents die of diphtheria and the … Continue reading

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Tinsel and F-town

My mom told me about an article she read in last Sunday’s Dallas Morning News about a man named Hank Stuever who had written a book about Christmas, commercialism and that it was based on three families from Frisco called … Continue reading

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